Url rewrite apache2 debian

If SpoolDir is also set, this will be relative to the value of RootDir, i.

How to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system

This new function is used for PHP 5. These are commonly available features of many popular hosting providers such as HostGator, Godaddy, Site5, etc so it is not unreasonable to request it nor is it a security risk IF it is properly configured.

Thread stack size The stack size for for each Apache thread is configurable and the default varies on different operating systems. The route must have a name and a Path. When hosting web sites, there is no need to grant a shell account which only allows the server to have more potential security holes.

Authenticating with the Yubikey with PAM

Scheduled jobs have the same priority as the module. Now you need to set the appropriate permissions on certain directories as follows.

It is web-based software, which enables IT administrators in medium to large enterprises to track physical assets, software licenses, accessories and consumables in a single place. When on, FTP will be limited to ports specified in the vsftpd configuration file: Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Reduce the size of your backups by deleting files or excluding large directories. This directive can be especially usefull to minimize syslog UDP message loss for example.

First enable stunnel to work after reboot. This is just some rough notes I put together. The followin is a skeleton config block for an input module: You do not need to specify in your path any cgi-bin, as this is transparently taken care of for you. It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

This is the default starting with PHP 5: Request throttling can help protect against this.

Configure Apache as a reverse proxy

It has a current, a testing and a stable branch. In case you are serving your wiki over https, a standard procedure inyou must serve RESTbase via https similarily to Parsoid too to avoid mixed content errors.

If this directive is not specified in the config file, it defaults to TRUE, i. However, it's all worth your time as your MediaWiki will be run in its own separate process, in its own uid, without being able to interfere any other uid.

Apache configuration

Security jail for operation of bind. On Linux systems it will use capabilites to be able to access these resources. The company also sells hardware with Linspire pre-installed. A typical case for this is the Exec directive. Binary The input is parsed in the nxlog binary format which is capable of preserving parsed fields of the log messages.

Redirect a Website URL from One Server to Different Server in Apache

Also make sure there are not any references to another site in the wp-config. This can be used to not only define constants but any string like code snippets or parser rules.

The project's goal is to provide an embedded distribution that respects user freedoms and allows users to control what their hardware does.Slight variation on the proxying guacamole via Apache2 post (much content is the same) but this is post will guide you through proxying guacamole via.

Hi all, I tried to install all stuff on Debian Etch. It looks all works fine but attachments not. I create a new ticket attach a file (samoilo15.com) and save it. Zip File Creation Dies at 2GB. The limit of some file systems on a 32bit server can create a file is 2GB.

Ask host to user a better file system that allows for the creation and handling of files bigger than 2GB. Aim. This is a step by step howto guide to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system.

It is easy to follow, but you end up with a powerful secure mail server. If you have installed Apache HTTP server via apt-get or aptitude on Debian or Ubuntu systems, it has mod_rewrite module installed, but not enabled by default.

After Apache web server installation, you need to enable mod_rewrite explicitly in order to enjoy its benefit. What is mod_rewrite? Apache HTTP web server boasts of extensible features which are realized by the notion of pluggable modules.


You don't need the full-blown rewrite engine with all its checks and possibilities to just redirect the client. It would be (marginally) faster since mod_alias is not near as complex as mod_rewrite and you'd only need one directive (RedirectPermanent) instead of two with mod_rewrite.

Url rewrite apache2 debian
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