Role of multimedia in todays society information technology essay

We should not develop technology because of itself, but to develop it, because it adds value to society and simplifies human life. Information technology is that technology by which the 'nformation is processed, communicated, exhibited and Retrieved in a fast, error-free and proper-way.

An Essay on the Role of Media

Caste has been replaced by wealth and power as the new determinants of social stratification. They enable collaborative work involving distributed communities of actors who seldom, if ever, meet physically. It would not be wrong to state that 'leisure had ceased to be the opposite of work, and had become a preparation for it.

Treating untreatable disease like cancer would be much easier as the DNA structure could be defined accurately to guide the kind of cell-based treatment required for a particular patient. Nowadays these kind of busy people can find every latest updates on almost every sector through social media.

The viewing of television can entertain both the young and the old for long periods of time. Since changing employers would not necessarily require changing one's place of residence, telecommuting should increase job mobility and speed career advancement.

As we mentioned earlier it has gone to such an extent to create a virtual class room where teachers and students are scattered all over the world. This enables them to benefit from production economies of large specialized suppliers. Information technology raises a host of questions about intellectual property protection and new tools and regulations have to be developed in order to solve this problem [2].

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Of the millions of people who watch violent films, only a small number have carried out acts of violence as a direct result. What is the role of social media in our lives today?

However, mass media can have both positive and negative impact on the lives and on the minds of the people. Although setting up and maintaining an e-commerce web site might be expensive, it is certainly less expensive to maintain such a storefront than a physical one because it is always open, can be accessed by millions around the globe, and has few variable costs, so that it can scale up to meet the demand.

The day is usually started by the listening of the morning news and closed by the watching of the late night news on television, effectively keeping us informed of the world and the events occurring around us.

Everything is today possible through social media. Most of these things will fade in importance, instead other things will be much more important, namely personal preferences and interests. Marshall McLuhan uses the phrase "the medium is the message" as a means of explaining how the distribution of a message can often be more important than content of the message itself.

There must be a balance of moral and immoral deductions in in the final product. Improved communication using email, social networking - This is a good way to communicate. On the one hand, there will be technophile people, who embrace the new possibilities which Information Technology offers to their lives.

There are no side effects — they are part of the technology. Man is involved in mad race of competition without knowing the goal. But if we could develop efficient programs written in many languages and get them thoroughly tested for every function it is expected to perform before putting to use could save lot of efforts and time.

This could allow access to larger, even worldwide, markets [6]. Cost savings by using e. This source of information could be ranging from one person to any academic institution.

The internet has revolutionized every field of the world. Actually, television is so centered on advertising and the advertisers play such large sums money to advertise that advertising has taken over. This paper argues that information technology IT has the ability to lower coordination cost without increasing the associated transactions risk, leading to more outsourcing and less vertically integrated firms.

Although some research claims that heavy exposure to media violence can lead to more aggressive behavior, it has been suggested that exposure alone does not cause a person to commit crimes.

Mass Media Plays A Crucial Role In Influencing People’s Mind

Electronic databases now can store huge volume of data which can be used very easily and internet can be accessed for any information on any field of activities.

Section two presents the analyses of works done in the field.Home / Technology / Importance Of Social Media Technology Importance Of Social Media Technology Few years back, say in the early ’s if you would ask the definition of social media to someone, he/she would need to refer to a dictionary.

Rather, the media plays a constructive role in today’s society – from increasing public awareness to collecting views, information, and also the attitude of the people towards certain issue. What Is Media? It is one of the most powerful tools of communication in the developing countries, as well as in the developed countries.

The critical role that technology plays in the development of society, stimulating not only the economy but society’s socio-cultural values, rather than being merely a tool of society, however, is referred to as ‘technological determinism’ (Underwood, ). 3. The Role of Information Technology In Student’s Life: Easy access to educational material: Today, students can access books and research notes online.

Unlike in the past when a student had to borrow a book from a physical library for a specific period, now days they can access most this data inform of e-books or electronic libraries.

- Multimedia As a technology, it is called multimedia. As a revolution, it is the sum of many revolutions wrapped into one: A revolution in communication that combines the audio visual power of television, the publishing power of the printing press, and the interactive power of the computer.

Media is a mirror of society and plays an outstanding role in strengthening it. The media put the lives of its workers in danger during attacks or natural disasters to keep us up-to-date. It is partially due to the media that awareness of many problems is Reviews:

Role of multimedia in todays society information technology essay
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