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In the first section of the play we first meet Scaramouche Jones. Response Portfolio Scaramouche Jones - words Drama coursework: It was the first scene of the play. The first section of the play we explored was he opening scene. Another drama technique that was used during all six hours of work shops was thought tracking, this enabled the audience to get an overall idea of what the character was like and what was going through there mind at that very time.

It made me think and feel. This piece was surprisingly hard for a first major piece as we had what I thought was a short time of 2 weeks to perform the piece.

To explore the idea further, we experimented with the technique of having a conscience alley. For this piece I was put into a group with Stephanie Gorsach.

To create this image we used many drama techniques such as thought tracking to gat across to the audience what pain and emotion we were going through. This sketch was based completely on our own interpretations of a clown act.

The notes that you have made after each workshop will be used during this period and then will be kept in school. Choose Type of service. Evidence of this is his migration from Haiti to Guadeloupe, in search of a job to better his state of living for himself and Drama coursework response essay wife who remained in Haiti.

For this extract we made three still images to show the different classes and how they ere reacting to the list of people that were missing from the titanic.

This essay can help with GCSE english coursework. For this piece I was put into a pair with Tashan Baptist. We find out that he is a clown as he comes in from one of his many performances.

We also had to look at the impact that it caused to those who had family and friends in the world trade centre and the impact it had on their lives.

Drama Coursework on Education – The Response Phase Essay

This was our first introduction to the character of Scaramouche Jones. According to the New York Times n. My first impression of the play was that it was very odd and was going to be incredibly boring.

Drama Coursework – Response to Disasters Essay

If photographs were taken during the session you can bring these with you to use in your Documentary Response. We observe that Wilnor is a very loving and faithful character who is willing to sacrifice in order to provide for his wife.

Pantomime - words This paper is about pantomime, about it's origin, it's people, how it has evolved, and how wonderful it is. It explored the different classes 1st, 2nd and 3rd and how they were treated on the ship and what privileges they had. For this piece we were put into small groups and asked to act out what we thought Scaramouche would be feeling at that moment in time.

Looking at this afterwards, family and friends were very emotional towards those lost ones in such a horrific disaster. We also developed still images for this piece of text and used parrot on the shoulder to tell the audience what really was going through their minds at the time.

Our first piece of performance was a 2 man show.

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Traditional Haitian dances are choreographed which serves a dramatic function since they express the different moments of an individual drama rather than a collective state of mind. Will I have chance to prepare for writing them? We used role play to show the facial and body expressions of what life was really like to have a jumbo jet plane flying at their windows We then made three still images before the World trade centre was hit and how they reacted at first using facial and body expressions.

We were slit into groups of 4 or 5 and we had to act out a mime from each of Scaramouche's white masks. This forced us to use gestus, a Brechtian principle that involves the use of exaggerated physicality in order to convey the particular attitude of a character.

Our first piece of performance was a 2 man show. But may, you'll find chances when students will be asked to write an essay in H in di with regards to learn in g the text more. Additional to those techniques other dramatic techniques, we also used role play and marking the moment.

To betray such a horrifying time in we created 3 still images to show when; the tower was standing, the tower falling and the tower gone. As our class discussed the issues raised from the talk, we decided bullying was an important issue raised from the discussion.

Other names for clowns are buffoon, jester, fool, conjurer, mirthmaker, tumbler, gleeman, mime, actor, harlequin, merry counselor, comic, and puppeteer. After I did the thought tracking I felt as if I knew Scaramouhe.

Pantomime is a dramatic performance in which a storyis told or a theme developed through expressive bodily orfacial movement.

We also used body language to show the audience and make it more obvious what class we were playing. We first had to make at least 3 still images to get across the facial and body expressions of those who were down below watching the plane hit the first tower.Drama Coursework on Education – The Response Phase.

The topic presented to our drama group for this piece of coursework was education. A topic which we ourselves as pupils have much experience of, education plays a central role in modern society ultimately preparing each generation for adult life.

Drama coursework: response portfolio Scaramouche Jones This year in year 10 G.C.S.E. drama we have been studying Justin Butchers play "Scaramouche Jones".

We read, discussed, developed and preformed certain parts of the play and using some of the explorative strategies of drama we gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of. 【 Drama Coursework - Response to Disasters Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia Largest assortment of free essays Find what you need here!

The first section of the play we explored was he opening scene. In the first section of the play we first meet Scaramouche Jones. We find out that he is a clown as. For your Drama coursework you'll be writing two Documentary Responses - the first based on Unit 1 Drama Exploration which will not exceed 2, words.

The second will be based on Unit 2 Exploring. Coursework Essay: Examine at least THREE dramatic devices used by any TWO playwrights studied in the course and discuss their effectiveness in terms of audience response and/or plot development.

Drama coursework response essay
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